Elvira Bohl





Office Phone

+44(0)131 650 4823

Lab Phone

+44(0)131 650 4785

In 2016 I have successfully finished my PhD project in Eleanor Campbell's and graduated with a doctorate degree from the University of Edinburgh.

I worked on my PhD project from 2012 until 2016 in the Campbell group after I had obtained my Diploma in Chemistry at the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. My Diploma thesis (equivalent to a Master’s Degree) was about fluorescence quantum yields of riboflavin derivatives in the liquid phase.

In my research project I worked extensively with femtosecond laser systems and ultra-high vacuum equipment. I investigated the highly excited electronic states of various fullerenes in the gas phase, in particular superatom molecular orbitals (SAMOs). I was able to identify SAMOs in C82, Sc3N@C80 and Li@C60 and show that the excitation energy of the SAMOs changes with the ionisation energy of the fullerene. Further on I studied the excited states of different polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) using theoretical (TD-DFT) and experimental (photoelectron spectroscopy) methods. The results showed SAMO-like orbitals which could be probed in the experiment. These fundamental understandings are important for the development of new materials like molecular switches.

To keep my body and soul fit I like to travel and sightseeing. I also enjoy horse riding, swimming and board games when I stay at home.