Instruments and Techniques

We offer measurements in micro- and nanoscale with Raman and IR spectroscopy and force microscopy.

Micro Raman spectrometer combined with Fourier Transform middle Infra Red spectrometer

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Raman spectroscopy is a vibrational technique for identification and analysis of molecular species and crystalline structures. It is one of the fastest growing techniques in molecular spectroscopy. IR spectroscopy provides information complementary to Raman spectroscopy. The combination of a Raman spectrometer with an optical microscope allows spectra of small objects to be measured with high spatial resolution.

InVia Renishaw spectrometer with 5 excitation wavelengths - 484, 514, 568, 647, 785 nm. Spectral resolution on the level of 1 wavenumber.

Set of objectives from 5x to 100x, laser spot (which determines lateral resolution) down to 2 micrometers

Temperature control stage from Lincom (from LN temperature to ca. 200 oC)

Possibility to control gas environment during Raman measurements.

Raman measurements with sample current loading and biasing with control of current/bias using a precise Keithley source-meter.

Confocal Raman spectroscopy, capable of obtaining data as a function of depth, is also available and it is possible to correlate Raman spectroscopy with surface topography using an AFM inside the Raman spectrometer.

FTIR measurements in reflection mode with 2 types of objectives - All Reflective Objective and Contact IR objective. Spectral range 650 - 4000 wavenumbers with spectral resolution of 4 wavenumbers. Best spatial resolution 10 microns.

AFM Veeco Nanoman VS with Dimension 3100 controller

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Supports both standard and advanced SPM imaging techniques. Well suited to measure surface characteristics of semiconductor wafers, lithography masks, magnetic media, CDs/DVDs, biomaterials and other samples up to 200mm in diameter. Maximal scan size 100 microns.

AFM measurements in contact and tapping mode

Magnetic force microscopy.

Force spectroscopy experiments

Tunneling AFM (TUNA) (Bias ±12V, current sensitivity 1pA - 10 nA)

Manipulation of objects in nanometer and micrometer scale.

Contact persons:

The following persons can be contacted for further information about the measurement possibilities and the access charges.

AFM • Oleg Nerushev - oleg.nerushev at

Raman, FTIR • Andrei Gromov - a.v.gromov at

We will perform measurements and process spectra/images. Advanced training in the use of the equipment may be provided for groups that require regular access.

Bookings of these tools, the AFM and the Raman, can be made on the wiki page. (You need to log in to Edinburgh University to be able to view the wiki.)