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Before coming to the University of Edinburgh, Dmitry studied Chemical Engineering at the Department of Technology of Inorganic Substances in Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, in Russian Federation. His research was devoted to mechanochemical modification of inorganic salts and porous silicon dioxide of different structures in order to improve hydrophobicity of inorganic salts and affinity of inorganic oxides and hydroxides toward organic substances. As a research assistant he mentored BEng and MEng students from project conception to daily supervision, reviewing their drafts papers, and assisting them during laboratory experiments. Dmitry also worked as a research fellow in RUSNANO Corporation, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.

Nowadays, Dmitry is a Ph.D. student working on designing solvents and adsorbents for carbon capture using computational and experimental approaches. Dmitry studies computational simulation of complex molecules and porous structures under the supervision of prof. Lev Sarkisov at the School of Engineering. At the same time, in Prof. Eleanor Campbell's group, he focuses on experimental studies of the functionalization and characterization of carbon-based materials for carbon capture application. These two complementing each other approaches will result in better understanding of the fundamental details of structure and adsorption properties of complex adsorbents.

Outside university, Dmitry is an amateur entomologist who has been collecting and studying butterflies of Russia for over 10 years. His travels in search for new species of butterflies cover North-West, Central and South parts of Russia. He is also a keen cyclist and participated in different Russian competitions.