Eleanor Campbell Group

Welcome to our website! On these pages you can find information about our research, contact information for the group members, our publications and news about our group.

The group has been interested in the properties of carbon nanomaterials, particularly fullerenes and carbon nanotubes since the early 1990s. Our present research activities are focused on two main areas: fundamental studies of fullerenes and related molecules (e.g. polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and the application of carbon aerogels for CO2 capture. Follow the links below for more information about these topics. We also continue studies related to nanoelectromechanical properties of carbon nanotube and graphene devices in collaboration with former students now working in South Korea

Previous research activities were studies of cvd growth of carbon nanotubes, fabrication and characterisation of nano-devices and laser ablation. More information about all the research activities can be found in the full publication list.

Fullerenes and PAHs

Carbon Aerogels