project participants at 2010 workshop

Interfacing Carbon Nanotubes with Nanoantennas for Simultaneous Multifunctional Spectroscopy and Electrical Nanocharacterization

The project combines four cutting-edge research areas:

  • Plasmonic devices
  • Single molecule deposition and detection
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Nanoelectrical measurements

Our central aim is to design and investigate the interface between plasmonic nanoantennas and single molecules in order to allow for the simultaneous optical and electrical characterization of the nanosystems. The nanoantennas are used as an efficient channel for electromagnetic radiation from the far field to the nanometric volume occupied by the single molecule, therefore enhancing its interaction with radiation.

Single-walled carbon nanotubes have been chosen as model molecules:

  • Relatively easy to manipulate and detect
  • Highly informative resonant Raman spectra
  • Fundamental questions related to limitations of current transport

This collaborative project is funded by NanoScience Europe, whose aim is to promote the integration of the national research communities in nanoscience throughout the ERA (European Research Area).

This project was launched in October 2009. Regular email and phone contact between participants is complemented by meetings and workshops, as well as students exchanges.

Meetings and workshops
October 2009 London project launch workshop
May 2010 Edinburgh one-day meeting
October 2010 Jerusalem annual workshop
March 2011 London one-day meeting
August 2011 Berlin annual workshop
November 2011 Berlin one-day meeting
May 2012 Berlin one-day meeting
October 2012 London annual workshop

Student exchanges
student (normal location) location of exchange date purpose
Kirsten (Edinburgh) Jerusalem January-February 2010 fountain pen nanolithography for deposition of carbon nanotubes
Kirsten (Edinburgh) Berlin May 2010 polarised Raman measurements on FPN-deposited carbon nanotubes
Christian (Berlin) Edinburgh January-February 2012 electrical transport measurements on carbon nanotubes
Roberto (London) Berlin spring 2012 Raman spectroscopy on plasmonic (Fischer) substrates
Christian (Berlin) Jerusalem October 2012 multiprobe SERS-transport measurements on carbon nanotubes