Alexander Bulgakov

Alexander Bulgakov

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+44(0)131 650 4914

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+44(0)131 650 4785

I am a Marie Curie Fellow working on investigation of nanoparticles in the gas phase using laser-based methods. I received my MC degree (diploma with 1st class honors) in 1979 from the Physical and Technical Department of the Ural Polytechnical Institute (UPI), Sverdlovsk (presently Yekaterinburg), Russia, one of the biggest and most successful universities in the Soviet Union, where I got a solid basis in different fields of physics and also in technical areas. After graduation from UPI, I joined the Kutateladze Institute of Thermophycics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science (IT SB RAS), Novosibirsk, Russia. My PhD work was on a new method of isotope separation using specially designed gaseous flows. I performed a series of mass spectrometric and spectroscopic experiments to get insight into the mechanisms of gas-dynamic separation. For these studies I was awarded by the Award of the RAS for young researchers.

After receiving the PhD degree I organized a group in the IT studying laser ablation mass spectrometry. Since then, my scientific carrier has been devoted to studies of physical and chemical processes occurring during pulsed laser interaction with matter. My research interests include mass spectrometry and spectroscopy of laser-produced plasmas, laser methods of nanoparticle synthesis, pulsed laser deposition, extreme states of matter induced by laser irradiation. In 2004, I received the Dr. Sc. Degree (habilitation) on dynamics and mechanisms of cluster formation under pulsed laser ablation.

In 2012 I was awarded by Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship to perform studies in the University of Edinburgh on detection and characterization of individual nanoparticles. My research here is focused mainly on development of a laser-based method of nanoparticle transfer for gas-phase analysis and on investigation of individual nanoparticles using femtosecond laser ablation mass spectrometry.

In my spare time I enjoy singing, playing guitar, doing sport (running, skiing, playing tennis and badminton), and spending time with my family (wife Nadezhda and daughters Natalia and Olga).

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