Nathan Goodfriend

Nathan Goodfriend




Office Phone: 

+44(0)131 650 4823

Lab Phone: 

+44(0)131 650 4785

Nathan Goodfriend is a PhD student who started in 2013 after graduating from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in Chemical Physics. His work revolves around developing the blister-based laser induced forward transfer technique which projects a beam of large neutral particles. This beam will then be implemented and combined with many of the other projects within the lab.

Nathan had an international upbringing having lived in 6 countries before attending university. He's heavily involved in the public outreach programs within the school of chemistry in which he trains teachers to use a portable UV VIS and Infrared spectrometer in order to allow them to teach their students. This work also involves helping at science fairs in developing and presenting new demonstrations. Furthermore the occasional piece of stand-up comedy is required to help encourage an interest in science.

Outside university Nathan is a keen cyclist having cycled solo around the United Kingdom and and Ireland. Led a group around the Netherlands, and Belgium. And as part of the chemistry department went on the 300 mile cycle along the highlands of Scotland. He was also captain of the groups chemistry football team. Beyond the sporting world he also enjoys strategy board and card games.

Nathan is now working at the HiLASE Centre in the Czech Republic.

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