Eleanor Campbell

Eleanor Campbell was appointed to the Chair of Chemistry at Edinburgh University in 2013.

Her research interests are presently experimental studies of the ionization dynamics of complex molecules using velocity map imaging combined with fs laser excitation and the production, characterization, manipulation and applications of carbon nanotubes.

Eleanor was born and went to school on the Island of Bute, Scotland and then studied Chemical Physics at Edinburgh University. After her PhD at Edinburgh University, during which she studied energy transfer in fast atom - molecule collisions under the supervision of Dr. M.A.D. Fluendy, she went as a postdoc to Germany and spent over 12 years there (at the Free University, Berlin; Freiburg University and the Max-Born-Institute in Berlin). She received a Habilitation in Experimental Physics from Freiburg University in 1992. Her research interests during the time in Germany covered alignment and orientation studies in atom-ion collisions, cluster collisions, spectroscopy and collisions of fullerenes, laser desorption mass spectrometry, ns laser ablation of polymers and fs laser ablation of dielectrics. In 1998, Eleanor was appointed to the Chair of Atomic and Molecular Physics at Gothenburg University in Sweden where her group investigated gas phase fullerene dynamics, cluster-surface collision and the growth and electronic properties of carbon nanotubes. Eleanor returned to Edinburgh in 2007 to the Chair of Physical Chemistry.

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